Thank you for your willingness to share the ECHO story.  This site is intended to give you information you might need to thoroughly share with others about ECHO, whether you need a 30 second “elevator speech” (an easy way to remember what ECHO does) or more information for a major presentation.  We hope to provide quick and clear information with a minimum of words but a maximum of content.  The ECHO website is always a great source of information.  www.echonet.org.

The Goal of an Ambassador is to:

1.     Engage with ECHO to speak for the undernourished around the world, and

2.     invite people to partner with ECHO in that endeavor.

What does ECHO do?

ECHO is an international Christian organization that enables small-scale farmers, missionaries, and development workers worldwide to combat hunger, malnutrition, and poverty.  ECHO actively investigates, teaches, and promotes solutions to agricultural problems and seeks creative ways to grow food in difficult conditions. 

ECHO Florida is the international headquarters of ECHO’s mission, serving alongside ECHO’s Regional Impact Centers in Thailand, Tanzania, and Burkina Faso and Regional Impact Team serving Latin America and the Caribbean.  

The Global Demonstration Farm and Research Center is used to facilitate trainings for international visitors and development workers, conduct research, and produce seeds sent around the world. 

ECHOcommunity.org is the online resource and networking community serving visitors from 165 countries each month.

Here are a few resources to help you prepare to share about ECHO: 

Elevator Speech: ECHO is a global Christian organization that provides agricultural training and resources for those who work with small-scale farmers around the world.