Give them a Voice to End Hunger

ECHO Ambassadors are dedicated volunteers who know that it takes a team to put an end to world hunger.  Through our Ambassador program, you can work to improve the lives of the poor by offering others in your community the chance to provide life-saving resources to small-scale farmers around the world. You can connect your community to a mission that is truly advocating for the hungry everywhere.

Be A Champion of Change:

There are about 825 million people across the globe suffering from hunger. How will you impact change in the world through our Agricultural Advocate for hunger campaign? Equipped with the tools to reach your network of friends, family and co-workers you can Sign Up To Be an ECHO Ambassador.


Be A Champion of Change within Your Congregation:

 One of the best places to make a difference for the hungry is in your Church. By signing up to become a Congregation Captain, you can make sure your congregation knows the good news, that it's possible to end world hunger by providing sustainable hunger solutions to the poor. With your church's participation we can end world hunger together.


Be A Champion of Change on Your Campus: 

If you're excited about making an impact on world hunger and want to get your campus vamped up as well then we want to help! Lead a group of passionate students committed to finding their purpose in eradicating world hunger. Be a Campus Advocate Today! 

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Host A Fundraising Event:

Be a Ambassador through events. Host a fundraising event, adopt a project to fund, and begin fasting, praying, and giving together with friends to put a stop to hunger. ECHO can provide you with ideas and support to host your very own fundraising event. Click Here to start the journey to ending world hunger. 


With your contribution, ECHO is empowered and equipped even further to do the work of ministry to the poor. The funds raised through your event will help us put an end to world hunger. Whether it be through a lemonade stand, softball tournament, fish fry, bake sale, or yard sale your fundraiser will greatly impact the lives of the poor.

ECHO Ambassadors are vital, and we encourage you to join us and become a fundamental part of our mission/vision. You can become the voice for the poor and the hungry.

The requirements to become an ECHO Ambassador are as follows:

  • Passionate about serving the poor and improving their lives.
  • A current ECHO donor
  • At least 18 years old
  • Agree to the ECHO values

As an ECHO Ambassador you will:

  • Encourage others to equip the poor with resources and skills to reduce hunger and improve their own livelihoods
  • Complete a brief training from your home
  • Communicate regularly with your Volunteer Leader
  • Connect 10 or more donors to ECHO each year by initiating opportunities to share ECHO sponsorship with others - in whatever style you choose and whenever it fits into your schedule:

    • one-on-one with friends, family, and co-workers
    • presentations to small groups, women's/men's groups, Rotary or other service clubs
    • represent ECHO at fairs or conferences
    • informal or formal presentations at your church
    • set up displays in local businesses
  • When possible: connect with other ECHO Ambassador, stay informed about global issues and build your leadership skills.