Welcome to the Carter Family Bike Adventure!


We're going on an adventure...

Our family of 5 is planning to bike across the country from May through August. We plan to start in Yorktown, VA, and end in Astoria, OR- the idea being that we dip our tire in the Atlantic Ocean (to begin) and then dip our tire in the Pacific Ocean (upon completion). We are immensely excited to begin our endeavor, knowing full well that our excursion promises to bring much joy, great challenges, the building of character in us all, new experiences, interactions with people whom we might not ordinarily come in contact with, educational opportunities along the way, and many occasions to rely on God for strength, safety, and endurance. We invite you to follow us on our journey. Thank you for your interest! Our hope, too, is that people like you- who are excited for us and our adventure- would encourage us on our journey by considering a donation to ECHO, an organization that we wholeheartedly support. We really like their "teach a man to fish" model of helping those around the world who struggle with hunger.


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