November 18-20, 2014
Fort Myers, Florida

This year marks the 21st Anniversary of the ECHO International Agriculture Conference held in Fort Myers, Florida!  We hope that you will make plans to join us for this year's conference.  The event brings together some of the world’s most influential voices dedicated to eradicating hunger and improving lives.

Speakers will share practical solutions to agricultural challenges, personal experiences and strategies for improving the lives of millions who daily face the threat of starvation. The event offers an open exchange of information, connecting the people and ideas that can make a real and sustainable difference.

ECHO International Agriculture Conferences provide opportunities for networking and enrichment for professionals working internationally in agriculture or related fields. The conference regularly attracts delegates representing more than 30 countries.  

Morning plenary sessions focus on practical ideas that have proven successful in communities around the world.  These talks are no more than 45 minutes in length. Click here for information regarding this years speakers and their Topics. For details on the planned speakers for this years conference, please go to our Plenary Speakers Page.

Afternoon workshop sessions are 60 minutes in length, and give a chance for hands-on demonstrations and small group interactions about topics of interest to particular groups.

Evening sessions are brief reports on a particular technique, plant, project, or approach and are 25 minutes long. This year we will also feature several 60-minute discussion topics, giving opportunity for group interaction and participation.

Conference accommodation and meeting rooms for morning and evening sessions will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel ( in the Bell Tower district of Fort Myers. Afternoon workshops and demonstrations will be held at the 50-acre ECHO farm in North Fort Myers, which has one of the largest collections of tropical fruits and vegetables in the United States. 

An important part of the event is the Post-conference Workshops.  This year we have what we hope to be very helpful and useful workshops for individuals that are able to stay for one more day.  Click on this link Post-Conference Workshops to see details about the presenters, the topics of the various workshops and the additional costs involved.  People that have attended these post conference events have found them very worthwhile.

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