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Recovery and Regrowth Series

ECHO will present three weeks of themed workshops aimed at helping the community replant and rebuild yards damaged or lost to Hurricane Irma. ECHO Nursery staff will be on hand to answer your questions or help consult on what to plant in your yard.

October 21st - Recovering and Replanting Post-Hurricane
October 28th - Gardening in SW Florida
November 4th - Fruit Trees and Bees

Each day will feature two free workshops (sessions described in depth below) and attractive plant sales. 

October 21, 2017
Theme: Recovering and Replanting Post-Hurricane

9:30: Recovering Your Landscape Post-Hurricane - Tim Watkins
This session will focus on practices before and after a hurricane or tropical storm that help reduce damage and promote recovery and regrowth in fruit trees.

11:00: Grafting and Basic Propagation - Lydia Hofland
This session will be a demonstration of basic propagation methods including cuttings, air layering, and grafting.

October 28, 2017
Theme: Gardening in SW Florida

9:30: The Three Seasons of Gardening in SW Florida - Dr. Martin Price
You will hear people say that there are two growing seasons in SW Florida: the summer gardening time (May through September) and the fall-winter-spring gardening time (October through April). This workshop will show the practical importance of understanding how the latter is really two quite different seasons, the fall-to-winter and winter-to-spring seasons.

11:00: Community Gardening - Kelly Wilson
Kelly will describe her role in assisting and coaching community gardens in Southwest Florida as ECHO partners to reduce food insecurity in our own community. 

November 4, 2017
Theme: Fruit Trees and Bees

9:30: Landscaping with Tropical Fruits in SW Florida- Dr. Martin Price
Many of our nursery customers are newcomers to SW Florida and are eager to try some new fruits around their home, but they are bewildered by the wide array of fruits they have never heard of. This talk will give a quick overview of some common and some uncommon fruits to consider in your Florida landscape.

11:00: Bee Keeping Basics - Brian Flanagan
Backyard beekeepers, who are raising and protecting bees in South West Florida, see many great benefits from their bees but they also face various challenges. This workshop will discuss those many benefits of backyard beekeeping, how to address the challenges of getting started and maintaining a hive, and what resources are available to local backyard beekeepers in South West Florida.

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