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Did you know that you can donate a gift of stock without having to convert it to cash first? By transferring your stock to ECHO you can avoid the capital gains tax on its increase in value since its purchase. Yet your charitable deduction will be equal to the full market value of the stock.

Electronic delivery of stock shares is the most secure and expedient delivery process available and provides efficient internal control as well as cost savings. Your broker can transfer shares using the ECHO DTC number.

How to Donate Stock or Securities

Thank you for your interest in donating stock or securities to ECHO. It is usually beneficial to give appreciated securities since you bypass any capital gains tax due had you sold them – and you receive a charitable deduction for their fair market value.

Everything you need to donate stock or securities is right here. If you have questions or would like our help in the process, please feel free to contact us.

Certificate Transfer

If you have stock certificates in your possession, you may transfer them to ECHO by completing the back of each certificate as follows:

1. Enter name(s) as they appear on the face of the certification.

2.  Enter assignee: 

     ECHO Inc.

     17391 Durrance Road

     North Fort Myers, FL 33917

3.  Enter number of shares being transferred.

4.  Obtain signature guarantee by signing in the presence of a bank or investment professional.

5. Download "Notification of Transfer" form and send to: 

     ECHO Inc.

     Attn: Director of Development at  OR

     17391 Durrance Road, North Fort Myers, FL 33917


If you are like many individuals, your IRA has increased in value over the years and you may have more income than you need. The IRA rollover gift is a simple and easy way to provide for ECHO while not increasing your taxable income.

If you are over age 70•, you may annually gift any amount up to $100,000 of your IRA to charity. It’s very easy to make the gift by directing your custodian to transfer a portion of your required minimum distribution directly to charity. ECHO receives a nice gift and you avoid any additional tax.


A very popular option for a parent with children is called the “Give It Twice” trust. This is a trust funded when the surviving parent passes away. Part of the estate is transferred outright to children. The balance is placed in a special “Give It Twice” trust.

The trust pays income to children for a term of years-usually 20 years. Following the selected term of years, the trust principal is then transferred to charity.

In effect, the property has been used twice-once to benefit children with income and the second time to help charity at the end of the trust.