We are here!

Savannah and I have been in Tanzania for five days now! The first few were focused mainly on getting over jet-lag and introductions to our host family and the ECHO staff.  

As we are getting settled, little things you normally never think about all have to be reevaluated with much care. When do we eat meals? Where can I get money in the correct currency? How do I set up a phone line? What is the proper way to greet someone? The simplest tasks take an in ordinary amount of mental energy! 


Our host family and the ECHO staff have warmly welcomed us, and we are now beginning to take steps in language learning, project assignments, and­– mostly importantly in my opinion– relationship building.

It is a slow process, making a new place your home. I feel like a toddler sometimes, unable to feed myself and incapable of going anywhere on my own. What an adjustment for us Americans who value our independence! But, in those moments I take a deep breathe, have grace with myself, and humbly ask for help. Right now, I am thankful that for a culture that genuinely cares for others, even doe-eyed foreigners!

We are looking forward to growing in our Swahili speaking, getting started on some projects, and allowing the Lord to lead us day-by-day!

In Christ,