Robert Sanou


For over 15 years Robert has directed the work of ACCEDES, a multi-sectorial development organization in Burkina Faso. Mr. Sanou holds a Master’s degree in Project Management and a Jurist Doctor degree in Law. He is a French and English-speaking Burkinabé who has served on Boards of regional organizations, consulted for European and U.S. entities, and traveled widely throughout the region and the world.


Yorouba Monirou

Agricultural Specialist

Born in Tenkodogo, Boulgou provice, Yorouba is married and the father of three boys and one girl. A graduate of Philippe Zinda Kaboré and a participant in the Matourkou Specialized Agricultural Technical Agents contest (ATAS) he has participated in internships in Burkina Faso, and abroad as a Higher Technician of Agriculture. Yorouba has worked as an agricultural supervisor and as a specialist in natural resources management.


Noemi Kara

Administrative Assistant

Noemi has a high school specialization in bookkeeping and a university level degree in Organizational Management from the Université Saint Thomas d’Acqin in Burkina Faso. Noemi also received a Master’s in Project Management from Coventry University/United Kingdom represented by Ghana Technology University College in Accra/Ghana. She has worked for a number of companies including BICIA-B bank and media and broadcasting companies. She also had a brief stint with Compassion International in Ghana.


Bernard Sié Kansié (Promesse)


Bernard, also known as Promesse, has a Law Degree from the University of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. Working with various associations since 2011, he has a particular passion for agriculture, especially for gardening. Promesse joined the ECHO West Africa team in 2014 as the Garden Manager, and with his skills and experience, he has become a trainer in appropriate technologies and home/community garden techniques.

Biba SANOU.jpg

Bibata Sanou/Diarra

Monitoring, Evaluation and Communication Officer

Biba was born and grew up in Bobo-Dioulasso, the second largest city in Burkina Faso. She holds a master's degree in project management and has worked for serveral NGOs, most recently holding the positions in monitoring and evaluation at ACCEDES, AMOVEO Group, and Femme Aide Femme.

Sanou Broma Davy.jpg

Broma Davy Sanou


Davy was born and raised in the village of HOUNA, located in western Burkina Faso. He attended primary school in HOUNA and then secondary school in the nearby town of KOUKA. Davy was trained as an elementary school teacher at EFORE Center in Bobo Dioulasso and received his Elementary Teaching Certificate (referred to as CEAP). In addition, Davy pursued courses on various agricultural techniques like how to increase soil fertility. He has been able to put this training into practice with the support of his father, who is a hard-working small-scale farmer. Davy is currently based out of the town of Dedougou as an ECHO West Africa agricultural trainer. He desires to always give his best in all his work to honor the name of Christ.

Soma Adama.jpg

Adama Soma


Adama holds a Master's degree in English from the University of Ouagadougou, a Professional Masters in Project Management from Aube Nouvelle University (ISIG) as well as a Diploma in Leadership. Adama has over 10 years of experience as an English teacher and approximately 9 years working with various NGOs in Child Sponsorship and Community Development programs as well as Micro Finance Associations. Part of that experience includes 6 years with Compassion International (as a Sponsorship Assistant and the Partnership Facilitator and Zone Coordinator). He served 3 years with Kingdom Investment as the sponsorship coordinator of their community development programs. Adama is married and has been blessed with one child. He is currently based out of Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso's second largest city, and serves as the agricultural trainer for that zone.