In February 2014, our Board of Directors approved ECHO's Strategic Plan of 2014-2018 which guides our missional impact and work.  Through the intentional planning process we identified emerging needs for financial support to build ECHO's capacity in the near term.  These resources flow out from the Global Research & Demonstration Farm headquartered in Florida and throughout our Regional Impact Centers abroad  - together preparing our responsiveness to the enormous plight of almost 1 billion people faced with malnutrition, extreme poverty and starvation - most of whom are the small-scale farming families living only on the food they are able to grow themselves.    

Uniquely positioned yet limited ECHO is discovering & sharing more efficient ways to better equip people with agricultural resources, skills and technologies  - all of which deliver critical and well proven practices to create healthy soil, manage & purify water systems, sustain crops and livestock for food.  We seek your prayerful engagement and financial partnership to complete our Strategic Plan. 

A most remarkable and certain fulfillment of God's word is this very calling upon ECHO to encourage, to build up, serve and train others who need it most, especially the poorest among us, in the love of Christ.  (Proverbs 28:27, Matthew 19:21; Mark 10:21)

Strategic Plan