New Study Affirms ECHO's Work

Good work IFPRI! "There's no silver bullet approach..." 

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) published a new report that measures the impacts of agricultural innovation on farm productivity, prices, hunger, and trade flows as we approach 2050 and identifies practices that could significantly benefit developing nations. Food Security in a World of Natural Resource Scarcity: The Role of Agricultural Technologies, examines 11 agricultural practices and technologies and how they could help farmers around the world. 

IFPRI pinpoints the agricultural technologies and practices that can most significantly reduce food prices and food insecurity in developing nations, some of which ECHO has been promoting for years!

This is especially exciting as we see positive statistics of hunger reduction: 

According to the FAO, "A total of 842 million people in 2011–13, or around one in eight people in the world, were estimated to be suffering from chronic hunger, regularly not getting enough food to conduct an active life. This figure is lower than the 868 million reported with reference to 2010–12. The total number of undernourished has fallen by 17 percent since 1990–92."

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What do you think? Do you think we can honestly end world hunger?