Local Farm Donates Over One Ton of Produce

Fort Myers, Florida, February 19, 2014— ECHO Global Farm donated 2118.73 pounds of produce to Community Cooperative Ministry International’s Everyday Cafe through the Harry Chapin Food Bank in 2013. 

ECHO Interns gain experience monitoring produce freshness and harvesting crops at their peak. They also get the benefit of knowing that the crops that they grew are feeding needy populations here in our community. CCMI can count on fresh fruits, vegetables and garnishes to improve the nutritional content of their daily meals. The addition of fresh produce to the meals also helps to encourage recipients to include more fresh produce in their everyday diets.

The idea to donate ECHO produce came out of a desire to make the most impact with the resources that ECHO is producing. After the donations are made, the Interns harvest from the farm for their own meals, and the rest of the produce is sold at the fruit stand to staff and visitors.

The donations throughout the year included avocado, bell peppers, broccoli, bunching onion, green and red cabbage, carambola, collards, eggplant, lemons, grapefruit, green beans, hot peppers, mangos, mustard greens, onions, papaya, sugar snap peas, watermelon radish, sapodillas, strawberries, sweet potatoes, tangerine, tomato and zucchini.  

Stan Doerr, ECHO President/CEO states, “We donate the first and best of what we have. We want to respect the dignity of the recipients. Our mission, both here and around the world is to reduce hunger and improve lives. We are very humbled that we can contribute in this small way for our community.”

About: ECHO provides sustainable options to world hunger through agricultural training, innovative options, and networking with community leaders and missionaries in 180 developing countries. ECHO seeks to find agricultural solutions for families growing food under difficult conditions. ECHO’s international headquarters is located in Fort Myers, FL and is visited by over 10,000 visitors each year.