In Love With Volunteering

 Photo courtesy of Rachel and Jared Scoville

Photo courtesy of Rachel and Jared Scoville

What’s not to love about a honeymoon in Florida? Newlyweds have enjoyed lounging at the beach, touring Disney world...and now volunteering at ECHO! Just four days after their wedding on April 15th, Rachel and Jared Scoville dropped by ECHO for a day of volunteering and a tour.

When Jared went to school at Gordon College, he went on the school’s annual spring break trip to ECHO. He had the opportunity to become fully immersed in the experience of working there, including reinforcing the Global Classroom for hurricane protection, tending to the rabbits and working in the fields. Jared had so much fun, he started growing a Moringa tree in his dining room.

“I told everyone I knew about the Moringa tree just cause it was fun to talk about. Even to this day it's in our garden right now. I’ve gardened ever since.” Jared said.

When the Scoville started to plan their honeymoon, they thought Florida would be a good chance to go to the beach and visit ECHO.

Rachel had heard all about Jared’s fond memories from the farm, but didn’t quite know what to expect when she arrived. After taking a tour, she understood Jared’s excitement.

“It was truly an amazing experience. I was really blown away by ECHO and the impact they have around the world,” Rachel said.

Today, Rachel is working as a behavioral analyst in their town of Bristol, Connecticut. Jared is working toward his doctorate degree in physical therapy at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. In their free time the Scovilles tend to their 50x50 garden plot where their Moringa trees are growing.

If you are passionate about ECHO’s mission, sign up for a volunteer position on ECHO’s volunteer page.  

How ECHO is Changing MY Life

From Stranger to Volunteer Coordinator by Deb Johnson

Just 15 months ago, I was a stranger to this wonderful community known as ECHO.

In April of last year, there was an environmental fair about 50 miles north of Fort Myers in a town called North Port. An interesting display caught my attention and I made the decision right away to check out this place called ECHO.  I visited the very next week and just like most first timers I was blown away. The tropical beauty, passionate people and most of all, the extraordinary mission makes this place seem to be a bit of heaven on earth. I became a volunteer and the seed that ECHO planted in my world was beginning to grow. Read More.

As time went on, the Volunteer Coordinator position became available and to my delight I was given the chance to further my involvement and deepen my commitment to ECHO’s vision. It is a gift and an honor to be in a position to interact with so many interesting and wonderful people from our dedicated staff to long-time volunteers, amazing interns and excited new folks visiting the Global Farm for the first time.

From my particular vantage point working with you, our amazing volunteers, I see the impact first hand of God touching hearts through ECHO’s work . The effects are powerful and renewing – honestly life-changing. I’ve come to realize that by being a small part of the effort enabling small-scale farmers to grow food for their families, I get the chance to grow my own soul in spirit and love. Thank you for all that you do!