The Mango Persona

While chatting about the Florida weather, I have heard the same thing from my Minnesota friends as well as my new Florida friends.

“You are interning in Florida at the wrong time of year!”

But soon after my arrival, I found that I came at the right time of year. Mango season!

The mangos are plopping off the trees faster than the ECHO staff can retrieve them! I’ve enjoyed mangos on the beach, in my house, on my pizza and in my oatmeal.

Before I came to ECHO, I thought mangos were all the same, but in reality there are hundreds of varieties!

Last week, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with six of them. What I’ve learned is that each one has a little bit of a different personality. I couldn’t help but think of them as people, so this is my interpretation of the ECHO mangos I tried:


This cute mango is small, sweet and very popular! Carrie is the cool girl everyone wants to spend time with. Everyone she comes across finds her very pleasant.

Aside from the personality interpretation, the Carrie mango is easy to cut and eat because there are no fibers! The piece I tried was very slippery, and it cut into a precise chunk. 


Tommy Atkins

Tommy is tough. He can travel from Florida to the west coast without getting worn out like the other mangos. However, Tommy isn’t the sweetest guy around. And his personality is pretty mild. But he still has a lot of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, so don’t walk by Tommy at the grocery store!

The Tommy Atkins mango has many fibers throughout the fruit. Due to its thick skin, distributors love this mango because it has a long shelf life and doesn't bruise easily. The flavor isn't very sweet though, so unfortunately, Tommy Atkins is not usually a favorite. 


Southern Blush

This southern belle is a bit shy. She turns a little red sometimes! When you first meet her, she might seem a little snappy or rude, but if you keep talking to her, you will learn that she can be just as sweet as some of the other mangos!

The Southern Blush mango has very little fiber. It is juicy with a sweet and tart flavor. I tasted the tartness first, and then noticed the sweetness of the mango. 



Excalibur is the new kid in town. We don’t know much about him yet, but we know he’s a sweet guy. And he has a really cool name! Stop by ECHO to get to know him a little better!

I thought The Excalibur mango may taste good on a pizza because it is not too sweet. But its sweet enough to enjoy. As for the consistency, it looks a little bit like cubed cheese when cut precisely. According to our Propagation Manager here at ECHO Florida, The Excalibur mango is a newer variety from Excalibur nursery, so there may not be much information about it yet. 



Turpentine is the life of the party. He really has an effect on people with his strong, fun personality! At the end of the day, Turpentine leaves a lasting impression on those who come his way.

The Turpentine mango is very stringy on the inside. It was difficult to cut it into a precise shape. My piece looked like a juicy blob, but it tasted very good. 


Pim Saen Mun

Pim Saen Mun brings diversity to the bunch with his unique sense of style. He dresses and acts a little different from the other mangos, but is as cool as a cucumber. He brings a flavor that none of these other mangos can offer.  

The Pim Saen Mun mango is a bit more like a green apple because it is crispy. It reminded me of a vegetable with a fruitier flavor. However, the taste is more sour with a dry consistency. Some people think this mango tastes best chilled. 

Do you have a favorite mango? If you were a mango, what kind would you be? Let us know in the comments!