Intern Alumni Update

Donnell Ewert '85

Donnell Ewert '85

Donnell Ewert ‘85 was the fourth intern at ECHO.  Scott Sherman, who later became the deputy director of ECHO, was an intern during the same time, the first time there was more than one intern at ECHO.  

Donnell went on to graduate school in Public Health and held various positions before going to Kazakhstan in 1996.  While there, Martin Price visited farms in the area before giving advice about how to approach agricultural development in the region.  

“My family and I went back to Shasta County, California, in 1998 where I am now the Director of the County Health and Human Services Agency. One of our accomplishments was promotion of local farmers’ markets to Food Stamp and WIC recipients by providing them with vouchers to purchase produce, and installing devices to read electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards at all of the local farmers’ markets. I still have the love of gardening I learned at ECHO.”

Kimberly Duncan ‘09 is currently raising funds to go to North Africa as an Associate of IDEAS.  She will be working with rural families in home gardens and household enterprises.

Laura-Catherine (Conville) Cuellar ‘10 and her husband, Johann, welcomed baby boy Samuel Andres, born on March 10, 2015. 

James Lee ‘13 is currently the Environmental Learning Coordinator at Greater Atlanta Christian School managing a greenhouse, edible food forest, trout hatchery, chickens, vermibeds, aquaponics, and a tropical rainforest while he inspires students to admire God’s Creation. 

ECHO congratulates Cody Burnett ‘13 and Alison Campbell ‘13 on their recent engagement! 

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