Irma's coming - Please pray for us

The most powerful Atlantic hurricane on record continues its relentless push toward Southwest Florida.  This morning, all of the ECHO-Florida staff gathered to pray together and then launch-into the highest level of our hurricane preparedness plan.  For the rest of today ECHO’s staff – along with some intrepid volunteers – are shuttering buildings, locking down equipment, backing up databases, trimming deadwood, isolating high-value equipment, and doing all that we can to secure the ECHO Campus for whatever will come.  Tonight and Thursday, many of ECHO’s staff and their families/friends will begin evacuating.  ECHO-Florida will be closed Thursday, Friday, Saturday; Monday if necessary.

We know that you care about ECHO and our global work to reduce hunger and improve the lives of vulnerable families.  Please pray with us that Irma will turn back into the Atlantic or out into the Gulf and spare us the potential devastation of a direct hit.  We’re projected to lose power, but we will do our best to periodically update you on key developments.  Thank you for your prayers, your care and your concern!