Can you believe we found this in Nicaragua?

Yesterday, ECHO Staff and Interns got to visit a nearby town of Masaya and enjoyed a private tour of one of the demonstration farms that will be part of the post-conference workshops. We learned a LOT about Bio-Intensive farming, a hot topic at this conference, and got to see first hand how an area that the local people had given up trying to farm was being transformed into beautiful gardens. The soil was so hard we could not force a machete more than a couple of centimeters into it, but where they had been working on restoring the carbon balance in the soil the machete could be pushed to it's handle with nearly no effort. The bio-mass and organic life in the soil was incredible.

Intern Meg was looking around in one of the plots and found an ECHO seed packet! Way cool! We know that people receive them and grow them around the world, but to be able to see them growing was very encouraging. Then, Meg looked closely at the back of the packet. It was a packet of seeds that SHE had helped grow, harvest, germinate and package in Florida, and now they were serving the people of Nicaragua. 

Thanks for your ongoing support of ECHO's mission! It is truly making a world of difference!