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Wanted: Good Development Ideas

New to the ECHO Asia Agriculture and Community Development Conference –

A friendly Good Development Ideas Competition from the ECHO Asia network!

On the afternoon of Wednesday (October 2, 2013) from 4:30-5:15 p.m., in ECHO Asia, persons with a brief slide show presentations (PowerPoint) or video clips of proven agriculture and community development ideas, technologies and/or approaches that they have developed, adopted and/or promoted will be given 5 minutes each to pitch their ideas and answer questions from the audience. Following the presentations, the entries will be put to a vote to choose the top three ideas. The top three ideas will be announced during the final session of the conference on the evening of October 4. The top competitors will receive choice ECHO prizes and their ideas will be highlighted in an upcoming ECHO Asia Network News or possibly other ECHO publications.

Using the following criteria, competitors must demonstrate that their ideas, technologies or approaches are in some way:

  1. Original and/or unique.

  2. Have been proven to be useful, successful and/or adoptable to some degree by smallholder farmers.

  3. Likely to be appropriate (replicable or adoptable) elsewhere under similar circumstances without an extraordinary amount of skill, effort or funding.

To register for the competition, interested persons can send a title and description of their ideas, technologies and approaches, including reference to the three previously mentioned criteria, to ECHOasia@echonet.org.

Or simply click the image below: