Sheep Sharing?

The Gift of a Sheep!

At a training in Burkina Faso in March, one of the participants was particularly touched by the humility of the ECHO staff and their teaching style that allowed even people who did not attend school to understand and to put into practice what they had learned. He concluded by saying “people of the city have no consideration for us when they come to the village, but as for you ECHO, you have been different, you are so humble and so good with us.” 

Another one was really pleased and has appreciated the tools and the methods used by ECHO. He said: “everything you teach is based on tools available to us”.

At the end of the training, the village chose to give a sheep as a gift to ECHO to recognize their hard work. They were then asked to deliver this gift to the head of ECHO and thank him.  We pass along the gift and thanks to you! 

Thank you for equipping farmers in Burkina Faso through ECHO!      

P.S. ECHO staff members confessed to the villagers that they were not very sure that this sheep could reach the ECHO Director in Florida and that his travel might be limited to Ouagadougou.