A "Once-in-a-Generation" Chance

Your Generosity Grows ECHO’s Impact

From a nominal five acres of rented land in 1981, the ECHO Florida campus has grown steadily to meet the needs of this expanding international organization.  Through the years, neighboring plots of land have become available as homeowners sell their property.  And each time God has graciously provided – through many of you – the financial resources to seize these opportunities to grow ECHO’s space.

As ECHO grows, we continue to be humbled by and thankful for the opportunity to be faithful custodians of the gifts entrusted to us through many of you. With these gifts we, together, reduce hunger and improve lives.
— David Erickson, President & CEO

For the last 10 years, the ECHO campus has had a “keyhole” shape, as one parcel of land remained privately owned between the ECHO Global Farm and visitor housing. In many different ways, this “gap” was a challenge to the full, effective, and efficient utilization of parts of our campus. This parcel, highlighted in red below, is the “gap” property that recently became available for purchase.  Through negotiations and prayer, ECHO and the property owners agreed upon a substantially reduced and reasonable purchase price.

Screenshot 2016-04-05 13.39.59.png

As word of this opportunity was circulated, a groundswell built.  In just a few short weeks, 22 generous individuals and families contributed the funds needed to buy the property outright, pay the closing costs, and finance the site work needed to integrate the space into the rest of the ECHO campus. Once again God graciously provided – through many of you – and we were able to close on the property on April 1st! 

We are so grateful for this opportunity, and the support that enabled us to seize it. This new potential grazing and growing space will enhance the training and equipping that we do at ECHO Florida for years to come. 

If ECHO's mission around the world has inspired you, please join us to provide the resources to continue to make it possible. We need YOU to reduce hunger and improve lives around the world!

Sheep Sharing?

The Gift of a Sheep!

At a training in Burkina Faso in March, one of the participants was particularly touched by the humility of the ECHO staff and their teaching style that allowed even people who did not attend school to understand and to put into practice what they had learned. He concluded by saying “people of the city have no consideration for us when they come to the village, but as for you ECHO, you have been different, you are so humble and so good with us.” 

Another one was really pleased and has appreciated the tools and the methods used by ECHO. He said: “everything you teach is based on tools available to us”.

At the end of the training, the village chose to give a sheep as a gift to ECHO to recognize their hard work. They were then asked to deliver this gift to the head of ECHO and thank him.  We pass along the gift and thanks to you! 

Thank you for equipping farmers in Burkina Faso through ECHO!      

P.S. ECHO staff members confessed to the villagers that they were not very sure that this sheep could reach the ECHO Director in Florida and that his travel might be limited to Ouagadougou.