Tilapia Harvesting

Much harder than it looks! Interns, staff and volunteers on the ECHO Farm spent today seining two tilapia ponds, participating in the entire fish harvesting process. The net, with weights on one end and floats on the other, stretches the width of the pond to catch as many of these tasty fish as possible. Later today, interns will weigh and process the fish fillets, tracking how many pounds of fish we raised. Are you ready to get dirty? Come join us!


Church of Brethren teens work at ECHO

ECHO partners with several work teams throughout the year to tend to the 50 acres of land that yields ECHO's ministry. Church of the Brethren has contributed this year with a work team of 15 who have been hard at work all week. It is great to see that their labor has made an impact on ECHO, the local community, and the world. Check the article out.