Can you live on what you can grow?

North Fort Myers, Fla, February 5, 2014—Cassava pizza dough and purple yam dumplings aren’t the usual fare for recent college graduates, or really anyone in the United States. This week, however, at ECHO’s Global Farm, Interns are eating only what they have grown with their own hands. Bring on “Farm Challenge.” 

 Farm Challenge intimately connects interns with the crops that they have been growing on the ECHO Global Farm throughout their training time. Using the bounty of small livestock, fruit, vegetables, grains, herbs and spices, interns craft three meals a day. The only external items allowed are salt and oil. 

The Global Farm is a hands-on, living classroom situated on 50 acres in southwest Florida. Home to the nonprofit ECHO for the past 30 years, this plot of land has been transformed from sandy Florida scrub into a demonstration farm so unique that you sometimes forget what country you are in. The humid rainforest and the tropical highlands known as “the mountain” are just two of the imitated settings faced by small-scale farmers around the world.

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About: ECHO provides sustainable options to world hunger through innovative options, agricultural training, and networking with community leaders and missionaries in 180 developing countries. ECHO seeks to find agricultural solutions for families growing food under difficult conditions. ECHO’s international headquarters is located in Fort Myers, FL.