What Does Faith Have to Do With It?

Each staff member at ECHO is asked to sign ECHO's Statement of Faith or The Apostles Creed. 

ECHO does not ask those who use our services to ascribe to this Statement of Faith. Here's why:

Our staff members are asked to sign a Statement of Faith because the passion behind what we do is directly related to the commands that we read in the Bible that we, as followers of Christ, should care for the widows and the orphans, love God and love our neighbors as ourselves. We believe that helping small-scale farmers overcome tired soils and difficult conditions is one way to do that. 

As for our recipients, it is clear in the Bible that all people are our "neighbors", and no matter their Faith, we are loving them and God by helping them.

Many of our donors do give out of a calling of their own Faith in God, but others choose to give through ECHO for purely humanitarian reasons. As Christians, we should be the best at what we do for the glory of God, and if people of other faiths notice that and still choose to give through ECHO, then we are doing the right things. 

We will never apologize for our Faith, but are thrilled that others want to reduce hunger and improve lives and are partnering with ECHO to do that.