Robert Sanou Director, ECHO West Africa Impact Center

Robert Sanou
Director, ECHO West Africa Impact Center

The ECHO West Africa Impact Center seeks to extend the services of ECHO to help those working with the poor in Africa to be more effective, especially in the area of agriculture. The ECHO West Africa Impact Center functions primarily as a technical support organization helping community development organizations and workers operate more effectively.

Why West Africa?

This training and outreach center will serve both Francophone and English-speaking West African countries. A preponderance of the poorest countries in the world are found in this region of 250 million people. Agriculture is the dominant sector across the region and holds great potential for improving production, nutrition and livelihoods. 

The West Africa Impact Center is ECHO’s third such center around the world, preceded by a Southeast Asia Impact Center (Chiang Mai, Thailand) and an East Africa Impact Center (Arusha, Tanzania). Centrally located in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, this Regional Impact Center opened officially in March, 2014. The launch of this new Impact Center follows two ECHO West Africa Forums (2010 and 2012) that drew enthusiastic participation from every country in the Region and demonstrated widespread potential to impact communities in greatest need. Subsequent case studies and engagement through the internet portal have indicated that ECHO’s impact has already reached over 50,000 small-scale farmers and their families.

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