It is important for each of us to know the facts about poverty and world hunger.

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ECHO offers hope in the face of these problems through sustainable, affordable agricultural solutions to hunger. We offer trainings, workshops and conferences to equip people with skills and resources to reduce hunger and improve lives. Learn More:  




Does the world produce enough food to feed everyone?

The world produces enough food to feed every person on the planet. World agriculture produces 17 percent more calories per person today than it did 30 years ago, despite a 70 percent population increase. This is enough to provide everyone in the world with at least 2,720 kilocalories (kcal) per person per day according to the most recent estimate that we could find. (FAO 2002, p.9).  The principal problem is that many people in the world do not have sufficient land to grow, or income to purchase, enough food. 


ECHO's response to this inequality is to empower small-holder farmers to increase their harvests, while also increasing the nutritional diversity of their crops. By equipping farmers to provide for their own families, we are creating sustainable solutions to hunger. Learn More: